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How Many Dent's?

Number of Dents: Multiple dents increase the total repair area and labor time. If a customer has many dents, even if they're small, it can add up.

Identify Dent Size('s)

What size dent('s) do you have? may pick more than one option if that is relevant.

Dent Size: The size of the dent will significantly affect the amount of work required. Larger dents usually mean more labor and potentially more specialized tools or techniques.

Tell Us The Dent Depth!

Dent Depth: Depth can determine the complexity of the repair. A deep dent can be more challenging to fix than a shallow one, even if they are the same size.

Dent On/Near Body line?

Body Line Presence: Dents on or near a body line can be more challenging to repair because maintaining the body line's integrity is crucial. Such repairs might require more precision and, therefore, time.

Motorcycle Paint Type

Paint Type: Specialty paints or fragile paints can require extra care or specialized techniques, potentially increasing labor time and costs.

Variation in Dent Sizes (For multiple dents):

Dent Size Consistency: While this affects the price, its impact might be less than the other factors. However, if there's a vast difference in dent sizes, it might mean using different repair techniques or tools for the same job, which could increase labor time.

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After you complete the steps above, we’ll review your info and pictures and provide you with an estimate via email and text message.

After you get your estimate, you will mail us your tank or fender for repair using the instructions in the estimate email.

Than we’ll repair the tank and send it back to you fully insured, in the original package it was shipped in.